Right now, the "web…blah…log" is not being updated regularly, but feel free to peruse the archive, and check out our carefully selected highlights from Season One, Season Two, and Season Three.

season three highlights

Hello, folks!

If you're new to "web…blah…log" and would like to check out what you've missed, you can certainly slog through the past 253 posts if you like.

But if you just want a taste, you can read our highlights of Season One and Season Two, or you can keep reading to see what we consider to be the best of Season Three (September 3, 2012-September 3, 2013):

Our most-read post of Season Three -- and in all of "web…blah…log" history -- was jane, my remembrance of Jane Henson. 

Other popular posts of this season were:
if reduxx
just once
thanks, pals
fancy yokel
twitter psa
everyday agita
fine line

Posts that didn't get much traction but that I think are worthy are:
don't worry
fake letter
dreams and candy
after-living the dream
hollywood diet
rejection letter

And this November, I created Horribly Local Poor Poetry Month (HoLoPoPoMo). Not many people enjoyed this particular experiment, but here are the least poor of the poems:
holopopomo day 9: funny little birds
holopopomo day 10: scrutiny
holopopomo day 20: angel
holopopomo day 21: flame-broiled ballad
holopopomo day 25: two hundred
holopopomo day 28: holiday party
holopopomo day 29: lament

Of the Season Three posts I've listed above, the ones that I am personally most proud of are:
if reduxx
dreams and candy
after-living the dream

Even though the future of "web…blah…log" is uncertain, we hope you enjoy exploring the archives. If you like what you read, tell your friends. The Internet is forever.

Read and be well!

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