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little things you should know

It's pronounced "duh-BROO-zoh."

Once upon a time, I was on Broadway.

I am not on Facebook. Shut up.

I am, however, on Twitter (@DAbruzzoTweets), forced there by society and showbiz. Shut up again.

I am happily married.

My livelihood includes, but is not limited to: wiggling puppets and Muppets on the TV, making funny sounds into a microphone, making serious sounds into a microphone, pretending to be other people on a stage, occasionally making up stuff on a stage, singing stuff you've heard, singing stuff you've never heard, and sometimes doing all of the above for free for worthy causes. But mostly I spend my days trying to find ways to actually do these things for money.

I live in New York City.

I am not a dog person or a cat person or even a bunny person because I am frightfully allergic to animals, but if I weren't, you can bet I'd have a dachshund puppy on my lap right now.

I don't have a nickname. Don't even try.

Finally, I write this blog mostly because it's one thing I can do without having to audition for it.