Right now, the "web…blah…log" is not being updated regularly, but feel free to peruse the archive, and check out our carefully selected highlights from Season One, Season Two, and Season Three.

season one highlights

Hello folks!

If you're new to web...blah...log and you don't feel like sifting through all 70 of the first-year posts, maybe you'd like to know which ones are my favorites, which ones have proven most popular, and which ones will sum up the spirit of this blog-that's-not-a-blog.

Feel free to begin with the first post: welcome to me. Not the greatest opener, but hey.

Next, you may want to try the first post that heralded all that was to come:

Departures from my traditional form include:
          historical musings
          mister steve martin
          from the vault: legitimate reasons
          from the vault: civilization

I have a particular fondness for these posts:
          brave or stupid
          mister steve martin
          lenten rehab
          subway monologue
          sorry, what?
          ooh child
          hello koo
          press release

And these are the three most-read posts as of the one-year blog-iversary (and I am proud of them as well):
          tra la
          web...blah...log: the musical!

Finally, I recommend that you read what I consider to be the season-finale arc: the 8-part series that celebrated my brief stint at Burger King exactly 20 years earlier, the "cheese" posts:
          first day with cheese
          change with cheese
          selective memory with cheese
          ka-ching with cheese
          clown with cheese
          party with cheese
          employee of the month
          a look back with cheese

Don't get me wrong... the other posts are fine (though a few are less than), and you can feel free to explore them if you have a lot of free time. This is just a place to start. I hope you enjoy them enough to follow me into Season Two, whatever that may turn out to be.