Right now, the "web…blah…log" is not being updated regularly, but feel free to peruse the archive, and check out our carefully selected highlights from Season One, Season Two, and Season Three.

season two highlights

Hello, folks!

If you're new to web...blah...log and don't want to wade through all of the posts willy-nilly, you can check out our season one highlights page, or keep reading to find our favorite and/or most popular posts from our second season (September 3, 2011-September 3, 2012). 

Our highest rated posts this season are:
do not bend part 2
holoblomo day 26: underneath
comment reply ("underneath")
internet, captured
at 40
analog sandwich aside
a toast
next year

Our underdogs, or posts with fewer views but that I think are worthy, are:
alumni event
bad bad girl
holoblomo day 10: nostalgia
holoblomo day 18: shipoopi
holoblomo day 20: 100
got mlk?
captioner thoughts
new and improved
point-counterpoint: tv
metaphoric fist
in the wake

And posts that I just plain like that aren't already mentioned include:
web paranoia
blind date
best chicken
exclamation point
the dot
makeover time

This is not to say that the 60-something other posts from Season Two are a waste of time. All of our posts are lovingly hand-crafted for you. It's just that not all of them rate a TV Guide Close-Up. I hope you enjoy these selections and join us for Season Three.


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