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Saturday, April 27, 2013

thanks, pals

So here we are.

Twenty years ago, right around this time, my life changed. 

I didn’t know it was changing at the time. That’s the thing about life changes - you don’t often feel their effects for a long time. But I can pinpoint the spring of 1993 as a real turning point for me. In that time, I won an award for a comedy video featuring puppets that I’d written, produced, and performed in which inadvertently led to my auditioning for the Jim Henson Company, which ran parallel to my being thrust into the life of the man who would become my husband... and six months later, I’d be living in New York City with him, starting my new life trying to get on the very bottom rung of the showbiz ladder.

And none of the cherished Muppet and Sesame and Broadway pals I have today would be in my life at all without my dear friends from twenty years ago: my dormmates at Northwestern, the alums of a place called CRC. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013


So here we are.

Pardon me, but I’m a little grumpy, and as such, I have some things to shout out to certain entities: 

Monday, April 15, 2013

just once

So here we are.

It’s tax day. And just once, I’d like to see a tax day go by without hearing “Taxman” - or songs with “Money” in the title - played everywhere, or seeing the local news go out on the street and ask people if they’ve paid their taxes and then show the long lines at the post office, or reading all the same old crap about “oh-so-tired-of-taxes.” Have a penguin do the weather or something instead. I’ll take anything different. Just once.

And while I’m at it, there are a lot of other things I’d like to see happen just once:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

stat reaction

So here we are.

I want to thank the 529 people (as of press time) who read my post remembering the late Jane Henson last week. Or maybe it was just one person who read it 529 times. In any case, you should know that nothing I have written here at web...blah...log in the past two and half years - or probably at all in the entire history of my hunting-and-pecking - has even approached that sort of statistic. (That may sound sad, but hey, that’s why the term sad truth exists.)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


So here we are.

Jane Henson passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. She was an artist, a puppeteer, a proud mother and grandmother, but she is known to most people as the widow of Jim Henson. One of her largest ventures was creating - and supporting - the Jim Henson Legacy, a nonprofit organization that celebrates and raises awareness of Jim’s life and work as an individual artist. The Legacy is quite dear to me for many reasons, including the fact that my husband is its current president (which makes me its unofficial first lady).