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lost comments from 2010

Hello folks!

So, as of January 23, 2011, it is a new day. I packed up all of my old blog postings on my iWeb site, wrapped them carefully, and moved the gang to Blogspot. It's been exhausting, but I think this is a much kinder neighborhood for a blog to live in. It can even marry another blog if it wants to.

But, as with all moves, something gets lost, broken, or misplaced. In this case, it was the comments. Granted, there have not been many, but I couldn't let the voices of these oh-so-few fans be left silent.

So here they are, in all their [sic]-ness. 

In response to "welcome to me" on Friday, September 3, 2010:
Sarah: I'd love to read the blogs you post! They're so great! Add me to the list!

Kendra: I am one of the whopping 2 people who said START A BLOG!!!! And I'm so glad you did! I'm hooked already.

Deb: You can add me as a whopping 3rd person who'd read your blogs!

In response to "a nice little story" on Sunday, September 5, 2010:
JulieVK: Stef, I'm sure this story is the real reason you started a blog. Glad to have stumbled on it. :)

In response to "tired" on Monday, September 6, 2010:
peanut: Hello. I'm saying hello as I see you've only recently started the blog. I am here with my wife and 2.5 year old daughter watching the show Oobi when we decided to look up the characters. I'm a pit musician for grass roots local theaters and opera when I get the chance here is North Carolina. I hope you get past your tired and the flu shot arm is not too bad. Anyway, good luck with the blogging thing. My web page I started years ago was pretty much a failure... but I leave it up as a reminder of just how fast things online change. 

In response to "beautiful day" on Wednesday, September 8, 2010:
Amy: So true. NYC does have it's does. Chick-Fil-A would make it perfect.

In response to "september song" on Tuesday, September 14, 2010:
Kendra: I, too, love September! Sharpened pencils! New beginnings! The leaves changing! Sweater weather! Probably one of my favorite months!

In response to "15 years" on Friday, September 17, 2010:
Kendra: I like your caveman/woman backstory. Besides showing the ridiculousness of the good luck/bird poop theory, it also shows just how clever us dames is! I had a bird poop on me - when I was wearing a new coat - on my birthday. I did not feel lucky. I felt that it was rubbish that a bird pooped on my new coat on my birthday.

In response to "price of age" on Monday, September 20, 2010:
Baylink: You found him an *ECM-51*??? Just kidding. :-) Just rewatching My Musical (in which I thought you were great - one doesn't always expect people whose concentrations are in muppeting and the boards to have a good handle on the switches and levers of their face, but you do), and caught a hair to go googling; while your website's got some minor CSS problems, it's very interesting. Happy anniversary, and like that.

In response to "historical musing" on Friday, September 24, 2010:
JulieVK: Almost all of this would be news to my kids. Since you're not on Facebook and I can't hit Like, I will have to check Yes. :)

KimiM: Yes! 100% :)

In response to "rain comin' on" on Friday, September 24, 2010:
DMcD: So I heard about your blog, and the first words I read are "rain comin' on." So I figured I gotta type and tell y' that Jed and Nellie Hatfield would be proud. And that there's a cold winter ahead. And that there's a rain comin' on.

In response to "zombies" on Thursday, October 7, 2010:
Jared: Yes, it’s true, zombies are certainly reliable folks.  Having made a life long study of zombies, I can say this with confidence.  However, can one really have respect for someone who is so insecure about themselves that they resort to the most brutal form of peer pressure imaginable?  What else can it be called, when a group of people lash out, en masse, against any person who doesn’t conform to their standards of drooling, rotting and brain eating.  The zombie’s conformist mentality is cruel as it is absolute.  If you thought high school was bad, imagine being swarmed, gnawed on and disemboweled, just because you didn’t limp or moan like everyone else, and just like high school; judgment is nearly inescapable.  My point is this; while zombies may be honest and straight forward, how can one maintain respect for a group that is completely intolerant of anyone outside their own peer group?  While I may personally admire their honesty, I cannot respect them on the whole, at least not until they can learn to accept others for who they are, and not just mindlessly attack them.

In response to "brave or stupid" on Sunday, November 7, 2010:
Rodger: To hell with the cruel ones. They'll never be happy with anything, so I pity them. You're putting yourself out there for those of us who do enjoy your performances, not the morons who criticize behind a wall of anonymity, not having the guts to put themselves out there. Remember, it's the empty cans that make the most noise.

Jorge: ...Isn't it... track 13...? 

Stephanie the Webmastress (yes, I reply now and then): I stand corrected, Jorge. Thank you. It has been remedied. (I don't listen to it very often.) And while I'm here, thanks to Rodger, too.

Jorge: I'm sorry. I just didn't want to say it in any kind of mean way, and I didn't want to make you look bad, but I mean, I don't think people actually LOVE to listen to themselves that often from a soundtrack recorded years ago. Don't get me wrong. I just love you, Stephanie D'Abruzzo. There is no other way to put it.

Stephanie the Webmastress: Jorge, I was not offended at all. I appreciate the truth, I appreciate a caring Q fan, and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to comment and enter that Image Verification that Mobile Me requires. Thank you for the kind words. (That goes for all of my commenters... all 11 of you thus far.)

Rodger: And thank YOU, Stephanie, for sharing your talents with us.

Rebecca: This is one of the reasons I love you. I love how honest and genuine you are. I feel like performers are under the spotlight ALL the time and unfortunately people can be so harsh, but since performers are always under the spotlight, they have the opportunity to show others that they are human too. Society regards actors as superhuman and perfect, which is scary because the world gets caught up in perfection and forgets about living a life of meaning. YOU help us see clearly... so I love that you have this blog and I found it tonight. It's great to see you again... even if it's on the web!

In response to "50% chance" on Monday, November 22, 2010:
JulieVK: Do you know which character you are going to be? Just so I can get all excited about the right one? :)

(NOTE: I did not know at that juncture... but I know this person so I emailed her directly.)

In response to "magic" on Tuesday, December 7, 2010:
Sarah: Might I just say, HAPPYYYYYY BIIIIRRRRTTTHHHDDDAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Now, I'm not usually one who would add millions of extra letters to a word or phrase, but I thought it was suitable for this matter, because you are amazing, and deserve the biggest hug the internet can produce. Which is technically nothing at all... but, just imagine some random stranger running up to you and hugging you as best she could, because she loves you. That's me. I would also like to thank you for your amazingness, because it cannot go without addressing. You're just too amazing, and something like that is very notable. I hope you have a great-rest-of-your-birthday, and keep up the great work!

Stephanie the Webmastrix: Thank you, Sarah. Even though the thought of a random stranger running up to me for a hug might make me initially fear for my life, your sweet sentiments are understood and very much appreciated. Still, should you ever find yourself in a position to actually run up to me, you might want to slow it just a tiny bit to say, a skip, and hide your copy of "Catcher in the Rye." And you can use all the extra letters you want because you spelled/used "you're" correctly in an internet comment. Hooray for you!

In response to "mister steve martin" on Sunday, December 12, 2010:
Anonymous: I love Steve Martin too. I loved him in "Planes, Trains & Automobiles," The Tonight Show and of course in The Muppet Movie and his guest spot on The Muppet Show. My favorite act that he use to do has gotta be his Comedy Act for Dogs! Funny Stuff! LOL!!!  - Jesse

TBinLakeland;-): You make me laugh - almost in an intimidating way - but nevertheless, I laugh.

GBinLakeland;): Don't beat yourself up too much about this... after all, even Mr. Steve Martin, at one point in his career, portrayed a weight guesser... I do believe puppeteer still trumps. Trust me on this one...

KMagnuson: Don't worry about it; I do the exact same thing every time! I feel like I'm dressed like a complete idiot and I am too star struck to be myself. But god, you are so lucky to have met him!!!!!! I saw him live once, he was fabulous.

Well, folks, that's about it. Thanks to all these people who commented at the old homestead, and thanks to the silent masses who were simply to overcome by my sparkling prose to write.

And thanks to you, whoever you are, who got all the way to the end of this. You are either kind or bored or both.