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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

nanowrimo nononono

So here we are.
Today begins NaNoWriMo -- National Novel Writing Month -- where writers all over the globe are challenged to write a novel of at least 50,000 words in the thirty days that hath November. I know a few perfectly sane people who are diving in to this pool of crazy. I doff my cap towards them.
But it ain’t for me. I’ve never been adept at long-form writing. (Some of you snarky types may be chortling, “You’ve never been adept at short-form writing, either.” Ha ha. You win the Game of Internet.)

Still, I am curious about the challenge of it all. I’m told that one of the main elements of NaNoWriMo is sheer output. Quantity over quality. Forcing one’s self to just write for the sake of writing. 
One of the reasons I started this web...blah...log fourteen months ago was to challenge myself to write and do something entertaining and creative, because my real world only lets me be entertaining and creative when someone hires me to do so. It’s much easier to write anywhere than to act or perform anywhere, as acting in one’s living room produces a myriad of challenges that thousands of trees that have fallen in unpopulated forests can attest to.
So in order to up that ante, I am creating, just for me, Horribly Local Blog Writing Month, or HoLoBloWriMo. Throughout this month, I will be posting on this blog every day, which is saying something since my normal posting schedule is every 5-7 days. Since my first year of blogging produced approximately 50,000 lovingly edited words, I will make this month’s goal 10,000 words. Words that do not include my standard header and footer of So here we are and Yes indeed. Welcome to me. I’ll keep count at the end of each post. 
Some of it will be fun. Some of it will be crap. And some of it may actually be -- *shudder* -- blog-like. But if you’re willing to go on this wacky adventure with me, then I’m game to give it a go. 
And now, here come the disclaimers, just like in all those drug commercials:
I’m coming down with something and I can actually feel the phlegm machine cranking up. I have auditions to prep for and auditions that require no prep at all, but that all involve time-sucking waits and commutes. I have some commitments to perform at benefits and a few long days of upcoming work at Sesame Street. Then there’s Thanksgiving, and I’ll be working on the Sesame Street float at the Macy’s Parade before I trudge home to cook. And of course, the nature of the freelancer’s life means that I never have a firm idea of what I’m doing week to week. Not to mention that I do not have a maid. There will be days when I serve up deliciousness, and days where I just make you a sandwich for dinner. Eat it or don’t. Just remember that there are starving children in other countries who don’t get to read any blogs at all.
But I promise you here and now: under no circumstances will I write a post moaning about not having anything to write about. That would be waaay too blog-like.
And that’s 544 words.
Yes indeed. Welcome to me.


  1. I'm actually really excited for this.

  2. Speaking as someone who is doing above the average amount of academics, show week with the local community theatre, a part time job, has three extended writing pieces due in for the 1st and 2nd of December, AND NaNoWriMo, I have complete confidence that you can do this, and do it well to boot.
    While the central aim of NaNo is to get that word count, in the end, it's just something that allows you to suck, and suck bad. It forces you to push your character through to the end, and doesn't let you pause or think about it too much. In the end, you've got something, no matter how bad, to work with, and the knowledge that you can actually write a novel.
    Of course, if you do find yourself in a turkey filled but blogless pickle, you could rope in a guest. All shows have special guests when they pick up interest in the 'second season', right?
    Best of luck! You're only 500 behind me!

  3. Thanks all, for the confidence!! And Freya, I know you can do it, too (though please remember to get a little sleep now and again...)!


  4. You might have missed an opportunity. I like the sound of HoLoBloMo much better. :) Blog on!

  5. Julie, you've always been smarter than me.

    So let it be done. HoLoBloMo it is.


  6. De Lurking (hi!) to let you know there's something similar happening this month that started pretty much the same way!

    Once upon a time, a woman named Eden (not me) decided she could never fulfill NaNoWriMo's requirements, but she figured at the very least she could blog once a day for the month of November, so she "invented" NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) as a joke for her and her friends. But her joke caught on and eventually it turned into a year round thing, with November being the main month. Last year she turned over the reigns to another organization (she'd never intended to run a "thing" - It was supposed to be a joke!) and NaBloPoMo is now hosted at BlogHer. - No I'm not kidding. That's a real place. Well, a real "cyber" place.

    Personally I think HoLoBloMo is a catchier title :) but if you want to sign up for NaBloPoMo, I think today (Nov 5th) is the last day. - Signing up just means you add your blog to a ridiculously long list of participants, and you're eligible to receive random prizes. Prior to the move to BlogHer the prizes were donated by other participants. Someone used to donate Sock Zombie puppets which would probably have been right up your alley, but alas, I think BlogHer might be too high brow for that ;)

    How's that for a De-Lurk comment? Long enough? :) I didn't want you to miss out if it's something you'd be interested in. If not, consider the above a bunch of useless trivia!

    Thank you for keeping me entertained.