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Friday, May 3, 2013


So here we are.

Here are some things that I miss:

record stores
the smell of mimeographed paper
handwritten letters
going to Dairy Queen after the chorus concert
the old porch swing
the thrill of finding a five-dollar bill in a birthday card
my grandmother’s cooking
not seeing any gray hairs when I look in the mirror

Here are some things that I don’t miss:
the school bus
the limited selection of Beta movies at the video store
garage sale Barbies
the existence of Zima
standard-definition TV
gym class
freezer-burned fish sticks
the isolation of suburbia without a car

Here are some things that I will someday miss:
delicious victuals
good, hard laughter
dresses that fit perfectly
walking in the city
my 11-inch MacBook Air
intoxicating fragrances
holding hands

Here are some things that I will not miss at all:
general crappiness
reality television
chest colds

But mostly, I miss the time before I started thinking about the things I miss and don’t miss... ironically, back when people called me “miss.”

Yes indeed. Welcome to me. 

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