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Thursday, November 8, 2012

holopopomo day 8: ode to the serif

So here we are.

Today’s Horribly Local Poor Poetry Month (HoLoPoPoMo) entry:

ode to the serif

A serif never got an ode
I should correct this now
For were it not for serifs
A font would have no wow

It’s just a tiny jutting out
On T’s and R’s and I’s
As such, it’s hardly noticed, save
For typeset-centric guys

I know I am a hypocrite
No serifs in this font
But Arial reads easier
Plus -- I do what I want

O serif small and mighty
You have a nifty name
That people do not know of you’s
An unsurprising shame

You do not ask for anything
No payment, tax or tariff
But odes to you do not exist
‘Cause not much rhymes with “serif”

The end.

Yes indeed. Welcome to me. 

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