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Thursday, November 15, 2012

holopopomo day 15: again and a gain

So here we are.

Today’s Horribly Local Poor Poetry Month (HoLoPoPoMo) entry:

again and a gain

“pain” does not rhyme with “again”
I’ve seen it in poems since I was ten
when someone chose to write about their pain
they’d rhyme it with “again” -- pronounced “a gain”
but that’s not how I learned to say “again”
perhaps the British said it different way back when
but modern American women and men
who mis-rhyme the word “again”
and whose intelligence should not wane
they are my very bane 

if I should ever wax poetic, then
I’ll use the proper rhyming for “again”
too many lyrics moan about the rain
but never utilize the word “refrain”
or “vein” or “vain” or “drain,” you silly hen
oh no, they all insist upon “again”
it couldn’t be more plain
but then, most poets are insane
so next time you go playing with your pen
remember how it sounds to say “again”

The end.

Yes indeed. Welcome to me.

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