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Sunday, September 30, 2012

winner's circle

So here we are.

Married as I am to a game-show enthusiast, I have seen my fair share of men holding long, skinny microphones. This is not a euphemism. 

This also means that I have seen every iteration of The $10,000 Pyramid, including The $20,000 Pyramid, The $25,000 Pyramid, the short-lived $50,000 Pyramid, The $100,000 Pyramid, the syndicated Pyramid, and the latest edition on GSN, The Pyramid.

This game is one of my husband’s favorites, and it’s a good one. Note that I said game, and not show. The show is indeed good, but the game itself is also good, and fun to play, either in home-game form, or by muting the TV and having one of us look away. Especially during the winner’s circle endgame. 

But we can do that in blog form, too! Try to guess these subjects in 60 seconds! You’ll win absolutely nothing if you guess correctly, and you’ll only lose valuable seconds from your life if you don’t! 

Here is your first subject... GO!

Okay... um... we’re small, metal things affixed to a jacket worn by a film critic... no, we're not Roger Ebert's buttons...

...he wears these things whenever he does an interview for DVD special features... he’s on all of them, seriously... 

...he goes on and on about animation forever... he’s like the Bob Costas of animation... he also likes the Little Rascals... no, no, we're not John Lasseter's aloha shirts...

...he’s got, like, a million of us... some of us are shaped like Bugs Bunny, and some of us are Disney characters, and some of us he never wears... we don’t know why... he has his favorites, like the MGM 75th Anniversary one but not the MGM 50th Anniversary one... and those of us who sit here and get dusty wonder why he doesn’t care about us... there’s a Snagglepuss among us who cries every day from neglect and now he’s starting to tarnish... 

...sometimes this guy will do introductions to DVDs, or appear in documentaries about film or television, or really just show up anywhere there’s a camera, and he tries to coordinate us with whichever project he’s talking about... you can tell he puts a lot of thought into it... although once he accidentally wore an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit pin when he was talking about Donald Duck and we were all mortified for him but he didn’t seem to notice... 

...and he always looks happy for no apparent reason... seriously, the guy never frowns... we’re worried about him, frankly... we think he’s plotting to stab TCM’s Robert Osbourne with one of us so he can finally leave “Entertainment Tonight” and smack all those youngster correspondents on his way out the door...

Ooooh. I’m sorry. You’re out of time. It was THINGS LEONARD MALTIN’S LAPEL PIN COLLECTION WOULD SAY. Things Leonard Maltin’s Lapel Pin Collection would say.

Your supply of consolation Rice-A-Roni and Mop-N-Glow are on the way. But not really.

And apologies to Mister Maltin, whom I actually find very entertaining and informative, in both his books and his DVD appearances. It was your lapel pins talking, not me. 

Yes indeed. Welcome to me. 


  1. I prefer to think of Jerry Beck as the Bob Costas of animation.

    "The Pyramid" is superior to Donny Osmond's "Pyramid" in every way...except for not having Stephanie D'Abruzzo as a celebrity guest.

    1. Jim---

      Jerry Beck is indeed a prolific pontificator of all things animation, but just as you're going to find Bob Costas in every sports documentary, so are you going to find Leonard Maltin in every animation documentary. And I do mean every.

      Keep in mind that I only appeared on Donny Osmond's "Pyramid" because they wanted Kate Monster on it, and it would have been very hard for her to appear somewhere without me. But golly that was fun. Thanks for the mention.


  2. Do we get extra points if we answer with a Puppet on our hand? :-)

  3. Hey Stephanie,

    What was yours and Craig's thoughts on the short lived Henson Alternative game show "Late Night Liars"?