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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

speak up?

You know how a lot of people tend to end their sentences as though they’re asking a question? Did you know that it’s called upspeak? Have you read about it in the New York Times? Or did you reach your free article limit for the month and miss it?

Did you ever wonder why people started doing that? Or do you not care?
Is it just a trend? Who was the first person to do it? Was she popular? Does asking was she popular mean that I am guilty of stereotyping? Who am I kidding? Isn’t it obvious that she was popular? Why else would other people talk in such a ridiculous manner? Aren't we all just sheep? Following the most popular sheep? Even if the popular sheep wants to go talk to that wolf over there?
Do you think it will ever go away? Or that people are even aware that they’re doing it? Can they even hear themselves? Are their fancy earbuds compromising their auditory capacity? 
Is it possible that maybe everyone is just asking a lot more questions? Or is that just a silly notion? Can’t everyone just go on Google to answer their questions? Do they have to ask everything out loud? And why are they asking me? 
Could it be that people just don’t know anything anymore? Is that why everything is a question?
And if everything is a question, where are all of the answers?
Why do I even care? Why would I devote valuable, precious blog space to explore such a superficial concept?
Isn’t there anything else for me to write about today? Anything interesting, scintillating, or timely? Anything?
Yes indeed. Welcome to me. 

1 comment:

  1. But your article consisted of legitimate, real questions? That began with words like why? See, that's how you do it? I think?