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Friday, December 9, 2011

lame but true

So here we are.
Did you ever have something happen to you that seemed like a lame plot line in a lame sitcom? Something that was only funny because it was pathetic, and even the word funny is too complimentary to describe it? Something where the timing of the events seemed just a little too perfectly pat to be real? 
Did you ever have something happen to you that, when compared to the plights and tragedies that plague the rest of the world, seems petty and shallow to even mention but nonetheless needs to be shared because of its sheer ridiculousness? Something that might make people feel sorry for you; not because of what happened, but because you felt the need to tell the silly story? Something that perhaps would feel at home in a Ziggy comic?
Guess what? I did.

Sprinkles Cupcakes finally opened in New York this spring, and it made me very happy, as I became a fan from the few tastes I’d had of them when visiting Los Angeles, and I’ve grown weary of the subpar, fad-driven cupcakes that give the entire small frosted baked goods genre a bad name. 
I have spent many days and dollars there. But it was all good, worth every penny and calorie. I discovered the miracle that is the ginger lemon cupcake. I even made a new friend, named cinnamon cream cheese frosting.   
And then, out of the blue, Sprinkles started a birthday club! You can sign up online and get a free cupcake on your birthday! Wow!
And guess when they started it? The day after my birthday.
Maybe it’s more like a Cathy comic than Ziggy. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the unholy spawn of Cathy and Ziggy.
So that’s what they mean by the love that dare not speak its name. They mean Cathy and Ziggy.
Yes indeed. Welcome to me.

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