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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

irregularity (not that kind)

So here we are.
I don’t read many other blogs regularly, but one that I do check out every now and then is By Ken Levine. He writes mostly about Hollywood (he lives in L.A.), TV (he’s worked on a giant crop of wildly popular sitcoms), film (he co-wrote several screenplays), baseball (he’s a major league announcer) and popular culture in general (the only other thing that writers in L.A. think about besides baseball). Basically, he writes the kind of stuff I do, only better and with a lot more baseball. As such, it’s a pretty durned entertaining way to procrastinate. 

In the waning days of HoLoBloMo, By Ken Levine turned 6. He referred to it as a blog anniversary. A commenter spelled it blogoversary. I contend that it should be blog-iversary. But I’m not here to coin a term. (Not really, anyway.)
Ken wrote that when he started his blog, he was given the advice that he should post something new every day, so people would keep coming back and he would build an audience. This nearly cowed him, but six years later, he’s not only churning out a daily blog, he often posts twice a day. 
And there I was, acting all hoo-dee-hoo about oh, look at me and my HoLoBloMo! Amateur, I. Total amateur.
(Hoo-dee-hoo is also mine, Internet. I use it instead of la-dee-dah.) 
It stands to reason that someone like Ken Levine can provide so much content. The guy has decades of expertise and anecdotes and advice.   He answers questions every Friday about all of the things he writes about. He knows, or knew, just about every show biz veteran who rates a New York Times obituary and can probably come up with a post just by flipping channels on cable and finding an old friend. Granted, I was able to wring eight posts out of less than three months at Burger King, but no one wants to hear advice about being semi-employed.
If I were to try to be like Ken Levine and field questions, it would probably go like this:
QWERTY asks:
I want to be an actor. Do you have any advice?
Run. Run away as fast and as far as you can. Unless you are beautiful. Then all you have to do is stand there and wait.
How do actors cope with unemployment?
The good thing about unemployment is that you don’t have to get dressed every day, which cuts way down on your laundry bills. 
JILLY asks: 
What’s it like to be on a New York stage?
Like being on any other stage, only with Teamsters. 
I kid, I kid. Most of my answers would probably be, Ummmm... cookies are good. No matter what the question.
They say that you should only eat when you’re hungry. So I’m going to only post when I have something to say, whenever it may be. It may be more often, it may be less. I have no idea. Sure, I’d love to have Ken Levine’s audience... but I’m a believer in quality, not quantity, and you devoted dozens are truly faboo. 
Plus, I still don’t get that whole infield fly rule thing.
Yes indeed. Welcome to me. 

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