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Thursday, May 10, 2012

new and improved

So here we are.

Want to improve something, whether it needs to be improved or not? Here’s how:
  • call it a “re-boot”
  • add bacon to it
  • add CG to it
  • change the soundtrack
  • call it “artisan”
  • call it “heirloom”
  • top it with ice cream
  • top it with artisan ice cream
  • top it with bacon artisan ice cream
  • get Joss Whedon involved
  • put a little mascara and lip gloss on it
  • just drink 6-8 glasses of water
  • add a throw pillow
  • re-paint it
  • bedazzle it
  • re-edit it into a peppy montage
  • cover it with barbecue sauce
  • offer it for a limited time only
  • call it a “special”
  • deep-fry it
  • replace it with the same thing, only made of cashmere
  • put Clooney in it
  • add new, original songs
  • add old, overplayed pop songs
  • take away all of those stupid songs
  • dye it blonde
  • clean it up with a little saddle soap
  • throw a huge lineup of star cameos in it
  • release it in 3D
  • put a pretty grosgrain ribbon on it
  • replace all of the outdated words like “dungarees” and “hoarhound”
  • put a radio in it
  • new window treatments
  • re-cast the leading lady
  • put it out on Blu-ray
  • put cheese on top of it
  • offer it in leather
  • add a lot of cursing and sex
  • add a lot of car crashes
  • add a lot of explosions
  • toast it
  • air it on HBO
  • raise the price
  • top it with a dollop of whipped cream
  • slap a label on it that says “new and improved”
  • give it a new hat
  • throw in a side of fries
  • offer a free gift with purchase
  • dip it in gold
  • mix it in THX
  • get a celebrity to endorse it
  • change the font
  • take out all of the old people
  • put an “i” in front of its name
  • caramelize it
  • get new uniforms
  • add a key light
  • make it smaller
  • make it bigger
  • two words: balloon bouquets
  • write in a lot of scatological jokes
  • give it a happy ending
  • kill everyone at the end
  • say it came from Brooklyn
  • top it with fudge
  • don’t change a thing, and call it “classic”

Yes indeed. Welcome to me.

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