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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So here we are, and I am taking a small breather from telling the tales of my Burger King adventures 20 years ago.
I probably have four more BK posts left in me. For those who are fatigued by these stories, I apologize. But sometimes I feel that one of the unspoken missions of my blog is to spread the wisdom I have accrued through unlikely means, and that was certainly a summer filled with lessons, not all of which were about grilled meat. Wait until I tell you about clown school. Doesn’t that sound promising?

I don’t have a lot of thoughts this week. Actually, that’s not true. I have many, many thoughts, but they are swirling and jumbled due to the chaos of rehearsing THE MAD SHOW at the York Theatre in New York City. We started yesterday, we open Friday and close Sunday. And even though we will have books in hand (or on music stands that roll around the stage), it’s still a whirlwind. 
It’s an interesting thing, when one does such presentational concert stagings that are contractually bound to be performed with scripts in hand. Actor’s Equity has specific provisions about these contracts that state that there can be no requirement for memorization. But I don’t think that people paying $40 a ticket are going to want to see my head buried in my binder. So I have to memorize just enough so that I can focus on the performance and not the words, but not so much that Equity gets mad. 
So I have nothing to say. Don’t get me wrong. There are stories and musings to share. But right now, with the flurry in my head, everything would just come out like life having nice fun sing time funny voice all day, tell outside world please also no default no shooting no super-hell-hot thank you okay lunchtime.
Yes indeed. Welcome to me.

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