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Monday, October 18, 2010

zombie reply (not "brains")

So here we are.
I read a comment tonight from a guy named Jared regarding my October 7 entry, “Zombies:”
“Yes, it’s true, zombies are certainly reliable folks.  Having made a life long study of zombies, I can say this with confidence.  However, can one really have respect for someone who is so insecure about themselves that they resort to the most brutal form of peer pressure imaginable?  What else can it be called, when a group of people lash out, en masse, against any person who doesn’t conform to their standards of drooling, rotting and brain eating.  The zombie’s conformist mentality is cruel as it is absolute.  If you thought high school was bad, imagine being swarmed, gnawed on and disemboweled, just because you didn’t limp or moan like everyone else, and just like high school; judgment is nearly inescapable.  My point is this; while zombies may be honest and straight forward, how can one maintain respect for a group that is completely intolerant of anyone outside their own peer group?  While I may personally admire their honesty, I cannot respect them on the whole, at least not until they can learn to accept others for who they are, and not just mindlessly attack them.”
Jared, I must thank you for your comment and respond.
You are absolutely right. Zombies do resort to the most brutal form of peer pressure imaginable. 
Except for all those people who keep hounding me about Facebook. Also everyone in politics, show business, advertising, and just about every corner of free enterprise. Oh, and have you read this thing called the Internet lately? Talk about mindlessly attacking others and not accepting who they are! (I’m looking at you, MisspelledNameOrWordLoverWithYearOfBirthOrGraduationAfterIt@PopularFreeEmailAccount.com!)
But seriously, it was meant to be a humorous display of cynicism. I might not have been entirely clear about my very dark point, which was this: If we are going to be surrounded by ruthless, heartless brutes, they might as well be honest ones, with one face instead of two. No one will ever stand tearfully in front of a zombie and croak that mainstay phrase from all AfterSchool Specials: “I thought you were my friend.” Because there’s no mistaking a zombie for your friend.
One sad truth about life is that the cruel ones will always walk among us, and they will often win, and they will often hurt you. They are firmly perched in the top slot of the "Life Is Unfair" column. But if you can identify them right away, if you can get them pegged from the start, maybe you can stand a better chance of surviving the high school hell of a society that is constantly engaged in that endless, breathless race for Prom Queen. Toss them a calf’s brain and walk away.
Yes indeed. Welcome to me. 

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